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Handan Jinggong construction anchoring Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Is a group company integrating expansion bolt series, chemical anchor bolt series, steel structure large hexagon series, double-edged drilling tail wire series and anti-seismic support series. It has independent research and development, installation, production, design, testing equipment and talents. The company adheres to the "Seiko quality" "Integrity of the world" business philosophy, strive to create the best quality products, serve the majority of users.
The company's predecessor was Yongnian County Jinggong expansion bolt factory, which was founded by Chairman Yang Xinsheng

Our Products

The products are mainly used in the mechanical and electrical seismic field. In case of strong vibration, the displacement of auxiliary mechanical and electrical facilities is limited, the vibration of facilities is controlled, and the load is transferred to various components or devices on the bearing structure. Science and technology can reduce earthquake damage, reduce or prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters, so as to protect property from loss and strive for time for personnel escape, which plays a very important role and significance for the earthquake resistance and disaster reduction of buildings.

Why Us?

We will provide solid and reliable protection for government projects, large venues, commercial real estate, urban underground utility tunnel, rail transit, industrial supporting and other application fields with complete in-depth design and product matching.

Your demand is our constant pursuit. Our company is willing to set sail together with colleagues from all walks of life to create a brilliant future!


In 1997, and drafted the quality standard of expansion bolt enterprise in the same year. This standard has become the quality standard of Yongnian expansion bolt, and no one has surpassed it. 

In 2002, it was officially registered as Handan Jinggong construction anchor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.;

In 2003, it invested more than 8000 square meters in huohuoju Street Development Zone, invested a lot of money to introduce international advanced technology and talents, successfully developed a series of chemical anchor bolt products, and became the sixth domestic enterprise to independently produce chemical anchor bolt;

In 2007, it invested 22000 square meters in southwest development zone, mainly producing and selling Sales of large hexagonal steel structure, torsion shear bolt series products, this series of products are all covered by PICC, so that your choice has no worries!

In 2014, we developed and produced the double-edged drilling tail wire, and applied for the utility model patent, with accurate positioning and the fastest attack speed of 2.6 seconds, which was highly praised by customers!

In 2018, we launched sail again, and developed and produced aseismic supports and hangers, comprehensive pipe rack support series products.